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Today’s entrepreneurs make up 25% of U.S. small business, according to a recent survey by MasterCard International & Warrillow & Co. and big business is looking for you.

LDD Radio Media & Entertainment Inc is a Newyork based corporation is just one of several large radio networks. The network’s total listener-ship reached 100 Thousands this past may 2014, with an approximate daily growth of 3,500 new listeners.

These are phenomenal numbers when you look at the private company whose self funded their entire run since, 2002. And as the increasing demand of Internet capabilities continues, so does the demand for continued content by LDD Radio.

Arbitron’s recent Measure Cast Internet Radio show that Internet Radio listener-ship has grown 177%, since January 06. In addition, Arbitron show 63% of on line listening took place between 5am-5pm Pacific Time and 14% took place during the weekend. If that weren’t enough Arbitron shows 86% of listeners were ages 18-54.

Times are changing…although there are some who resist the Internet, due to fear of On-line Identity Theft, many younger and growing generations embrace the newness and change Internet provides to their lifestyle. After all were not moving backwards in time…to tapes or LP’s. NO it’s just not happening, instead the youth of today are driving the market towards wireless and digital application for entertainment, via the Internet Mobile and Social Media.

Needless to say, LDD Radio is continuously expanding and the opportunity has come in front of you. Have you been looking for the next venture, capitalizing on a 140 billion dollar industry? Are you interested in running your own station? Then your potentially in the right place.

Basic Details

The incoming license is responsible for selecting their own site and is to secure their building lease, equipment and fees. Business model packages range from $25,000 to $85,000 dollars. There are three types of LDD Radio Station Models: Mobile Station, Homebased Station & Traditional Station.

Mobile Stations – $25,000: Great for first time business owners. No experience needed. Digital equipment & set-up. Includes training and technical support. Licensing fees not included. Potential revenue $500-$2,500 per live remote.

Homebased Station – $65,000: Digital station equipment and engineering desk. Includes set-up. Fully-functioning website for station and on-air personalities. Includes training and technical support. Initial licensing fee included.

Traditional Station – $95,000: Fully-loaded station, including digital equipment, engineering desk & website. Includes digital visual equipment and softwares. Includes training and technical.

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